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Rec Tek offers annual service for regulators, pressure gauges, and minor repairs. We also offer a "Bench Test Only" option for those divers that want their regulator checked out before a trip without having a full annual service. We additionally service BC’s, dump valves, power inflators and tank valves.

Rec Tek stocks over 4500 parts and annual service kits for over 20 manufacturers.

Rec Tek has manufacturer certifications from Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro, Sea Quest, Atomic, Sherwood, Genesis, Spare Air, US Divers, Aqualung, Apex, Zeagle, Dacor, Apollo, Tusa, Beuchat, Interspiro AGA, Aquavit, Aeris, Dive Rite, XS Scuba, Hollis, OMS, and Advanced Diving Products.

The bench test & inspection includes a water test for any leaks, intermediate pressure check, and a flow test on the Peterbuilt Flow Analyzer from 0-12.5 scfm.

Full annual service includes pre check of system, full tear down, ultrasonic cleaning, component inspection, and reassembly using only genuine O.E.M. parts and service kits. All regulators are lubricated with Christo-Lube. Submersible pressure gauge swivels are rebuilt, bc inflator hoses are cleaned, new o’rings & shrader valves installed, and new batteries & hatch o’rings are installed in your computer. After adjusting to spec’s, the regulator is then put on the Peterbuilt “Quick Set” for 10 minutes, breaking in the seats, and the regulator is readjusted if necessary. The Peterbuilt “Pro-Check” (a liquid filled dual manometer) is then used to check the water tight integrity of the 2nd stage, with a complete flow test on the Peterbuilt “Flow Analyzer” from 0-12.5 scfm conducted. Last, a final submerged water test for leaks is conducted. Each customer is given a written report showing the results of the flow testing.

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